Capture Huge Opportunities for Solar & Wind in Texas

The falling price of solar panels is driving a surge in interest by public utilities and corporate customers in contracting for solar power, while a huge queue of wind projects is forming. As much as 16 GW of new wind and solar projects could come to fruition in Texas.

However, development and financing challenges must be surmounted to assure project success and bankability. Large quantities of solar may drive the dispatch curve and market prices in unpredictable directions.

Tax reforms and the unique nature of the Texas legal, market and regulatory constructs threaten commonly used project structures and access to tax equity. Developers and suppliers must work closely with utilities, customers and financiers to put together economically viable, innovatively structured and ultimately long-term profitable projects.

The Texas Renewable Energy Summit is the networking event where the entire Texas renewable energy community gathers to get the latest insights into the market and to meet key players. It is your best chance to:

  • Learn about the key trends impacting renewable energy project development, finance and investment in Texas
  • Engage in networking and deal-making with the decision-makers driving the industry forward

Attend the pre-conference workshop, Texas Market Drivers to assess the impacts of policy changes, gas and power price projections, transmission and interconnection constraints and the shape of the future generation fleet on project viability.

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