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Tuesday, Feb 21, 2017, 6:30pm – 9:30pm
Computer History Museum – Orientation Room

Special Lead Speaker

Ed Cazalet, Founder & CEO, TeMix; Director/Founder, Transactive Energy Association (TEA)
Panel Discussion with:

-Mike Burke, Founder & Executive Director, SUSTAINABLE ENERGY PROJECT
-Rish Ghatikar, Technical Executive, EPRI
-Tim Keating, Executive Director, DYNAMIC GRID COUNCIL
-Todd Strauss, Senior Director, Grid Strategy & Analytics, PG&E
-Ryan Wartena, Founder and Chief Strategy Officer, GELI
-Geoff Sharples, Energy Sales Director, IOT Strategy, Energy & Industrial, INTEL

About the event

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Stratton Report’s launch panel in Sacramento in January profiled a diverse cross-section of approaches to the emerging distribution grid with very high renewables penetration. 10 speakers assessed the three main “models” for grid ownership and operation – Utility-centric, Third-party-centric, and Customer-centric. In our second session, held in Silicon Valley, we will focus in on the “Customer-centric” side, with a presentation from California electric grid expert and pioneer Dr. Edward Cazalet. Cazalet’s company TeMix is currently engaged in a “Retail Automated Transactive Energy System (RATES)” pilot project with SoCalEdison and Universal Devices funded for $3.2 million by the California Energy Commission. Cazalet is a long-time thought leader in the California grid, formerly a Chair of CAISO, and the initial advocate of AB2514, Californa’s Storage Mandate bill.

“The CEC’s purpose for this Grant is to develop and pilot-test behind-the-meter load management systems, operational strategies, and retail tariff options that minimize the cost and complexity of customer participation in electricity markets, and engage participants from any customer sector, but focus on residential and small commercial customers. Universal Devices Inc. (UDI) and TeMix Inc were competitively awarded this grant for approximately $3.2 million for the period June 2016 to March, 2019. Non-financial support letters were provided by Southern California Edison (SCE), the California Independent System Operator (CASIO) and the OpenADR Alliance. UDI and TeMix will develop and pilot a retail transactive energy platform, automated end device controls, and an innovative two-way subscription tariff. The pilot is with about 200 SCE residential and small commercial customers. The transactive platform interfaces with the SCE distribution and energy service providers and the CAISO market.” [More info:]

Participants at Stratton Report’s series of forums on the evolution of Grid 2.0 include:

CEO, UCGEC * Solutions Architect, TRIULLIANT INC * Managing Director, NUTECH ENERGY CONSULTING * Technical Director, OPENADR ALLIANCE * Executive VP, UCGEC * CFO, UCGEC * Principal, SIEMENS VENTURE CAPITAL * Data Architect, CHANGEHEALTHCARE.COM * Software Developer, TeMix Inc. * President, MEGAWATT STORAGE FARMS * Sr Software Developer, TeMix Inc * Principal Consultant, GRID CORE * Resource Planner, CITY OF PALO ALTO UTILITIES * Strategy Director, NRG * Business Development, GOOGLE X *  SVP Global Cooperation and Innovation, INNOGY NEW VENTURES LLC* Technical Leader, EPRI *  Founder/CTO, GRID COMM * President, ALTA POWER GROUP *  Director, PLUG AND PLAY TECH CENTER * Advisor to Commissioner McAllister, CALIFORNIA ENERGY COMMISSION (CEC) * Analyst, CALIFORNIA PUBLIC UTILITIES COMMISSION (CPUC) * Advisor to Commissioner Hochschild, CALIFORNIA ENERGY COMMISSION (CEC) * Energy Sales Director, IOT Strategy, Energy & Industrial, INTEL * Founder & Ceo, TeMiX * Senior Director, Grid Strategy & Analytics, PG&E * Founder & Executive Director, SUSTAINABLE ENERGY PROJECT * Technical Executive, EPRI, Executive Director, DYNAMIC GRID COUNCIL * Founder and Chief Strategy Officer, GELI * CEO, SKYCENTRICS * Board Member, PENINSULA CLEAN ENERGY * Director, SOLAR CITY * Director of Biz Dev, SUNPOWER * VP Biz Dev, VIZN ENERGY SYSTEMS * Director, THE ENERGY COALITION * President, TERRAVERDE RENEWABLE ENERGY PARTNERS * Senior Power Systems Engineer, SOLAR CITY *Head of West Coast Energy Partnerships, NEST LABS * Director, Technology & VC Partnerships, LG TECHNOLOGY CENTER OF AMERICA *  VP Technology & Business, SUSTAINABLE ENERGY PROJECT * Program Manager, CALCHARGE * CEO, ADARA POWER * Lead Program Manager, FERC Jurisdiction, NATIONALGRID * Business Development, ADVANCED MICROGRID SOLUTIONS (AMS) * Executive Director, ZNE ALLIANCE * PartnerSTRATEGIC DECISIONS GROUP * VP Technology & Business, SUSTAINABLE ENERGY PROJECT * Engineering Manager, GREENCHARGE NETWORKS; Director, AEREA RESOURCES * Director of Policy, CENTER FOR SUSTAINABLE ENERGY * Strategy Consultant, FUTURE-FACING * Publisher, BAKER STREET PUBLISHING * Vice President, EPC POWER ; Principal Energy Analyst, EDF INNOVATION LAB * V ice Chair, PENINSULA CLEAN ENERGY * Director of Power ResourcesPENINSULA CLEAN ENERGY * Board Chair, PENINSULA CLEAN ENERGY *  CEO/Founder, TEMIX & TRANSACTIVE ENERGY ASSOCIATION * Senior Research Scholar, STANFORD UNIVERSITY* President, SUSTAINABLE ENERGY PROJECT * Director, CALCERTS, INC. * CEO, CALIFORNIA STRATEGIES * VP Biz Dev, ENACT SYSTEMS INC.  * CEO, ENACT SYSTEMS INC. * CEO, VERT SOLAR FINANCE * Product Marketing Manager, SUNVERGE * Executive VP,  DEYOUNG PROPERTIES  * Director, Sustainable Energy Initiative, STANFORD GRADUATE SCHOOL OF BUSINESS * EE BP Policy Manager, CENTER FOR SUSTAINABLE ENERGY * Director of Policy, CENTER FOR SUSTAINABLE ENERGY * VP Program Development, PATHION * VP Program Operations, PATHION * EDP RENEWABLES NORTH AMERICA * StaffLOW CARBON GRID PROJECT * Staff, RENEWABLE AND APPROPRIATE ENERGY LAB (RAEL)/UC BERKELEY * Assistant Biz Manager, IBEW1245 * Biomass Program Manager, WATERSHED RESEARCH AND TRAINING CENTER * PhD Student, STANFORD UNIVERSITY * Resource Planner, CITY OF PALO ALTO UTILITIES

Thank you to all our speakers and attendees for joining Stratton Report at Grid 2.0 Series II: Transactive Energy in Mountainview, CA @ The Computer History Museum.
Michael Burke
President, Founder
Sustainable Energy Project

Transactive Energy Recap
Grid 2.0 Series II
Computer History Museum

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Ed Cazalet

Ed Cazalet
CEO & Founder, TeMix, Executive Director, TRANSACTIVE ENERGY ASSOCIATION (TEA)

DR. EDWARD CAZALET IS THE FOUNDER AND CEO OF TeMix INC., a global transactive systems company, and is also the Executive Director of the Transactive Energy Association (TEA). Cazalet is a leader in the design and operation of markets for electricity, the design and operation of smart grid transaction services, electricity storage, and renewables integration. For his industry contributions, Public Utilities Fortnightly magazine named Dr. Cazalet Innovator of the Year. He was a governor of the CAISO and is the founder or cofounder of MegaWatt Storage, Farms, Automated Power Exchange (APX), Decision Focus, Inc., and The Cazalet Group. As chairman and CEO of APX he raised almost $70 million in three rounds from venture capital investors and strategic power industry investors. For 40 years, Dr. Cazalet has been active in state and federal energy policy debates, including synthetic fuels, natural gas deregulation, electric power generation, transmission planning, and electricity storage. He was the initial advocate for California’s “Energy Storage Systems” mandate known as the bill AB 2514. Cazalet holds a Ph.D. from Stanford University where he focused on decision analysis, economics, and power systems. Currently Dr. Cazalet is running a transactive energy testbed with a $2M grant from CPUC.

Rish Ghatikar

Rish Ghatikar
Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI), Technical Executive

Honorary Board of Governors Member and Working Group 5 Chair for Distributed Energy Resource Management and Efficiency, India Smart Grid Forum Research Affiliate, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory Girish Ghatikar is a smart grid, and clean energy and clean transportation technology innovator. Over the years, Ghatikar has successfully led technology development for electric grid transactions and automated demand response, early-stage analysis for electric vehicle grid integration, and enabled California to adopt dynamic pricing programs and mandatory grid automation in building codes. As the former Deputy Leader at the U.S. Department of Energy’s Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (LBNL), Rish has led research on technologies and open standards for grid integration and is the chief-architect for a globally adopted DR communications standard, Open Automated DR or OpenADR, including the establishment of the OpenADR Alliance to bring laboratory technology to the marketplace and the Demand to Grid (D2G) Lab for Smart Grid technology demonstration and education. He was also the U.S. Project Director and Co-Principal Investigator for the U.S.-India Joint Center for Building Energy Research and Development (CBERD), a $12.5M publicly funded joint consortia. At Greenlots, as the former Chief Research Officer, Ghatikar led the emerging technology development and applications of electric vehicle-grid integration and battery storage-integrated distributed energy resource systems. Rish Ghatikar’s work has appeared in over 75 publications and he is regularly asked to speak at events and conduct training related to clean transportation and clean energy. Ghatikar holds Masters degrees in Telecommunication Systems, Computer Technologies, and Infrastructure Planning.

Todd Strauss

Todd Strauss
PG&E, Senior Director, Grid Strategy and Analytics

Todd Strauss leads PG&E’s policy and planning group focused on providing energy supply that is safe, reliable, affordable, and clean. His scope has included: policies for greenhouse gas reductions and renewable resources, market design issues, resource planning (integrating demand-side and supplyside, generation and transmission, and electric and gas), market assessment, evaluation of structured transactions, portfolio strategy, carbon trading implementation, and risk management. He has 20 years of experience applying quantitative modeling to business and policy issues in energy and the environment. He has been Director of Quantitative Analysis at PG&E National Energy Group, Principal at the consulting firm PHB Hagler Bailly, and Assistant Professor of Public Policy and Management Science at the Yale School of Management. He was a Regulatory Fellow at the California Public Utilities Commission and a Gilbert White Fellow at Resources for the Future. He holds a Ph.D. in IEOR from UC-Berkeley and an S.B. in Mathematics from MIT.

Tim Keating

Tim Keating
Dynamic Grid, Executive Director

Tim Keating is the Executive Director of the Dynamic Grid council and a serial entrepreneur and business development expert. Previously as director of Development at the SunSpec Alliance he helped triple the size of the membership with a focus on distributed energy resources (solar PV plus storage,) plant operations, finance, development and asset management. Projects included solar PV plus energy storage specifications and alliance launch and field trials communication systems, and the development of best practices and cost models for DER systems operations and lifecycle finance. As an industry consultant and an advisor to NREL’s Solar Access to Public Capital Initiative; he is coauthor of NREL’s SAPC O&M Best Practices and Financial Cost Model as well as SANDIA’s O&M Action Plan for 2014. For the last 7 years Tim has worked in distributed energy finance, operations and business development. Most recently, Tim was SVP for the financial software platform at Mercatus Inc., where he drove strategic marketing, project assessment software product definition, the fund raising program during the Company's fund A-Round and launch of the Mercatus Energy Project Finance Management platform. Previous to this, he was VP of Marketing, Business Development and Field Operations at Skyline Solar during Series A to C round funding; where he drove company launch, business development , product certification and field operations. He delivered seven solar grid connected projects deployments in Italy, Qatar, Arizona, San Jose California, Mojave California, Hawaii, and Mexico. Before entering renewables, Tim was the COO of ZVUE Corporation from company turn around funding to NASDAQ exit. At ZVUE he directed development, operations, manufacturing and distribution. Previous to this Tim was at Intel Corporation as Managing Director of Intel Capital Europe where he and his team made 105 high tech investments over a four year period. Tim’s other roles at Intel included European General Business Manager of Systems and Processors from 1994 to 1998 and World Wide Director of Pentium Marketing during the development and rollout of Intel’s first branded microprocessor.

Dr. Ryan Wartena

Dr. Ryan Wartena
Growing Energy Labs, Inc., Founder and Chief Strategy Officer

Dr. Ryan Wartena is a Founder and Chief Strategy Officer of Growing Energy Labs, Inc. Dr. Wartena directs the Vision, Strategy, and Articulation of GELI’s business and products including the EOS (Energy Operating System) to deploy an Internet of Energy. Prior experience includes developing Li-ion battery architectures and materials, designing and patenting novel energy systems, and integrating energy storage systems into the grid. He serves as a Member of Advisory Board at Gridtential Energy, Inc. As a post-doctoral researcher at the Naval Research Lab in Washington DC, he set up a battery development and testing laboratory and worked on energy harvesting and microbattery technologies. His development of micro- and nano-batteries continued at Massachusetts Institute of Technology where he helped drive the scientific team that introduced the world's first self-assembled battery. He holds degrees in Chemical Engineering from UC San Diego and the Georgia Institute of Technology, where he earned his Ph.D. in 2001.

Mike Burke

Mike Burke
SUSTAINABLE ENERGY PROJECT, Founder & Executive Director

MICHAEL C. BURKE, FOUNDER AND EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR OF SUSTAINABLE ENERGY PROJECT, has over 35 years of energy industry experience spanning the regulatory, consulting, and entrepreneurial fields. He is a principal in Energy Choice, a consulting and development firm that helps business and government clients plan and implement a wide array of energy projects and programs, including community choice aggregation, renewable energy development, active load control, power quality, and advanced metering/information systems. Prior to founding Energy Choice, Mr. Burke served as the Senior Advisor to True Pricing, Inc. In 1994, Mr. Burke joined forces with Michael Peevey, former President of SCE, to form New Energy Ventures. They grew the company from a 2-man startup into the nation’s largest non-utility electricity supplier, reaching annualized revenues of nearly $1 billion by 1999. He oversaw the overall strategy, innovation, and direction for New Energy. Prior to the establishment of NEV, Mr. Burke was Director of Utility Services for Dames & Moore. Prior to that, he served in the state and federal governments in a variety of positions, including Manager of Regulatory and Environmental Programs at the California Public Utilities Commission, and Assistant Executive Director of the California Energy Commission.

Geoff Sharples

Geoff Sharples
Intel, Energy Sales Director

At Intel Geoff helps energy companies gain better visibility and control of their grid and field assets through applied technology. Throughout his career, Geoff has combined technical, operational and business understanding to bring new technologies to market. He has worked for a US and a European utility, internet and enterprise software companies, as well as wind and solar companies including such companies at Google, EDF and PSE&G. Roles have included finance, engineering, supply chain and sales. Geoff holds an MBA from Cornell University and degree in Mechanical Engineering.