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According to the CPUC, CCAs – Community Choice Aggregators – may be serving up to 85% of state load by the 2020s. Many dozens of counties and municipalities are coalescing to form further CCAs, in addition to the half dozen already up and running.

COMPLIMENTARY WEBINAR: Corporate Energy Procurement, Best Practices, Trends, Strategies

All these new CCAs must develop clean power procurement strategies appropriate to their local mandates, organize funding, identify key partners (consultants, power brokers and schedulers, project developers, third party aggregators), design and issue RFPs, and learn about evolving PPAs for renewable or low carbon power.

Community Choice Energy Summit will bring together existing CCAs with knowhow under their belt to share insights with a bevy of emerging CCAs and related task forces and steering committees. Together they will explore best practices for integrating bulk power from wholesale markets with newer PPA strategies, local DER / efficiency strategies and programs — the “CCA 2.0 and 3.0” evolution. Renewable developers and solution providers will build relationships with the upcoming wave of CCAs and collaborate to fine-tune or innovate contractual and financing structures and related services to the needs of the new “Energy Democracy” movement.

Community choice

Featuring Two Pre-Summit Workshops:

Workshop A: How to Start a CCA: Legal, Operational and Financial Steps
This tutorial / 101 workshop is designed for governments and non-profits either in the process of forming their own CCA, or seriously weighing the pros and cons, as well as for solution providers looking to plan for the needs of many emerging CCAs.


Workshop B: CCA Power Moves: Tools, Strategies and New Ideas
This workshop provides an opportunity for presentation-based deep dives into the power procurement, planning and contracting functions of the CCA, as well as profiling “CCA 2.0 /3.0” pilots, platforms and innovations.